Do more expensive medical covenants pay more to doctors?

The more expensive medical covenants pay more to doctors?

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Between the medical profession and the health professionals in general, there is great dissatisfaction with the amount of health insurance companies have passed on to doctors. So if you’re a doctor and you want to meet for some health plan operator, it is essential to be aware of the values ​​that this company goes through consultation. After all, it’s no wonder that today the first thing renowned doctors do is fail to meet the health insurance because often the passed value does not pay.

Thanks to this situation, it came up with the popularization of health insurance companies, a frequent question in the lives of health professionals is: the most expensive health insurance pay more to doctors? The answer, in turn, is complex and requires a detailed analysis of the medical guide of each health plan company, it is through the document operators to inform the trader of the transfer value of consultation and / or tests, surgeries and other procedures.

According to the Brazilian Hierarchy Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM), there are companies who pay health insurance from R $ 12 to R $ 72 per visit. But if you know the most expensive agreements actually pay more to doctors? Check out the information and tips we have for you in this article! See below:

The company medical plans that charge more expensive plans pay more for doctors?

In general, yes, health plan operators who charge more for plans, pay the doctor a better value for those companies that charge less for their medical plans. However, according to Dr. Varella Varella, which is one of the most important names in Brazilian medicine, it is not possible to know how much health insurance companies profit from the doctor’s work, given that none of them tells its table spending vs. profitability.

If you plan to be accredited by any operator of health insurance, so it is essential to be aware of the Medical Guide, which is the document in which the company informs professionals the passed values ​​not only consultation, but also for other procedures such as surgeries and tests, among others. A doctor who meets by Unimed, which is among the most expensive in the country, for example, earns $ 62.04 per visit, while there are companies that pay R $ 12, as stated earlier in this article.

Why consult the doctor guide the operator of health insurance?

The Medical Guide for each health plan company contains all the information you need to know what is the proposal of the operator and what the values ​​are passed by reference. This means that if you intend to be a partner of one of these companies, it is essential to analyze the Medical Guide for each of them, which you are interested to know which carrier health insurance pays more to accredited professionals.

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