Discover the most effective ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams


Discover The most effective ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams

In recent years there have been many cosmetic products including new formulas and active ingredients highly effective. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, hydroxy … are some of the best known, which now new ingredients that contribute to wrinkle creams see that increased efficiency are added.

Want to know what?


is found in grapes, soybeans and certain algae. Active sirtuins, which are proteins within power plants, also known as mitochondria. This activation brings an effect of protecting the genetic material containing the same. This prevents the skin cells grow old and damaged prematurely.

From plant stem cells
are found in the vine, apple and rose of the Alps. Protect and revitalize other stem cells, such as skin, which weaken over the years and external aggression. Thus, they get to be stronger and live longer against damage caused by sun, stress, pollution … The mother of human skin cells are the fountain of youth because they are responsible for making new cells for the epidermis and dermis, and other functions.

The rhamnose sugar
Recent research has shown that under the action of rhamnose, fibroblasts recover their energy and reactivate their duties. The skin collagen and is much more firm and smooth. Rhamnose is suitable for all skin types and also has great moisturizing power and retains water in its molecule.

is a revolutionary molecular based combination provides moisture and sesame skin elasticity. It is all natural and does not leave a stretching sensation on the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids
are a number of acids extracted from fruits, vegetables and milk quickly remove dead cells deposited on the surface of the skin and accelerate the cell renewal process. They work by lonato, in the same way as a peeling.

Choosing a wrinkle cream is as difficult as personal task. In the market you can find countless creams with these compounds.

I hope this post has served to know some key ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams ?

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