Did you know that … glycerin is very beneficial for the skin?

Did you know that … Glycerin is very beneficial for the skin?

Glycerin is a syrupy liquid and neutral can provide great benefits to the skin. It was discovered in the late nineteenth century, initially was extracted from animal fats, and has since come checking its many virtues.

Its characteristic property is somewhat peculiar is that if one hundred percent pure, placed upon the tongue may cause a blister because it is dehydrating, however, diluted with water, glycerine softens the skin.

Therefore, it has never used but pure glycerine mixed with water or other ingredients because otherwise it can cause harmful effects.

It is used for a variety of tasks among them making transparent soaps (soft and more beneficial than other more conventional properties), for products skin care, food or pharmaceutical products, for example.

Effects of glycerin on the skin:

  • Improves hydration is even very beneficial for dry skin
  • Helps restore skin barrier function , stimulating repair
  • softens the skin and increases its elasticity , especially the skin taut and inelastic
  • Increase the cohesiveness of intercellular lipids
  • Normalizes desquamation
  • Protects against external irritants stimuli
  • – Accelerate repair processes of skin damage by chemical agents, acting as a substitute for natural moisturizing factor removed.

Many creams aimed at babies also contain glycerin. In the market you can find diaper creams with this substance because it protects, softens and soothes the aggression caused by the diaper. Furthermore some include rosehips and vitamin E.


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