Control the feeding of your baby to avoid irritations in the skin of the ass


Control the feeding of your baby to avoid irritations in the skin of the ass

With good weather it is inevitable that our skin sweat more and babies ‘ skin is much more sensitive than ours, so it is very important to maintain proper hygiene to avoid irritation of culito of the smallest . Moreover, in today’s post from the Pharmacy Boada Can you explain how food influences on skin irritations of the kings of the house. Want to learn more about the importance of feeding the baby ?

A well-fed baby is a healthy baby

The growth stage baby is very important. And you, as a mom, you have to do everything possible to have a good health and do not suffer pain or discomfort in your ass . We must be aware at all times to maintain good nutrition is paramount. What must be considered? I will explain four important steps to properly feed your toddler:

  1. A feed from breastfeeding mother is the best choice . What you eat affects your baby, and if you neglect your diet irritations and red culito may appear . Follows a Mediterranean diet (vegetables, fruits, and high fiber foods) or rich in calcium, iron, proteins, folic acid, complex carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, water and zinc. If you also take medications or antibiotics, use  probiotics to strengthen your bacterial flora, because everything affects your baby.
  2. If you feed with infant formula asks for advice pediatrician or pharmacist . Will tell you  what is best for him and highest quality milk. Hidrátale more because it is easier to suffer dehydration, gastroenteritis or suffer skin irritation appear the ass.
  3. Give your baby hydrolyzed milk  before each change of milk for your intestine to prepare for the digestive change.
  4. Add food gradually.  Start with vegetable baby food and purees, as the baby belly is not ready to digest as an adult. In addition digestions change, the stools are softer and easier the ass of your little irritated .

Avoids irritation with pasta moisturizing and protective water

As we have seen, food plays a key role in infant development and it is important to be prepared to combat any small sign of redness and skin irritation . Especially when they are very small diaper changes are very common and are the main cause of the appearance of skin irritations baby. To prevent your child suffer from irritation in the ass is very important to maximize hygiene and watch your diet.

If despite these tips your child suffers from  redness in the ass it is advisable to supplement them with an effective product such as pasta water Lutsine Eryplast . It is an  anti-irritation cream that protects and moisturizes the skin of the baby’s bottom whenever you need it With pasta water you create a protective film on the most sensitive parts of the baby’s skin and get away with their suffering.

Enjoy now the super price Lutsine Eryplast Pasta Water Pharmacy Can Boada .

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