Contraceptive pills: myths and truths

Contraceptive pills: myths and truths

Choosing contraception is something intimate and personal that depends on many factors. Although the purpose of these is to avoid pregnancy, not all are equally effective and comfortable as our lifestyles. In addition, you surely have heard that the pill causes weight gain in women undergoing treatment with her, but myths like this are those who try today’s blog PromoFarma. Do you want to know?

A recent study by the Cochrane Library collected by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare (IQWiG) shows that there is no relationship between the scientifically proven weight gain and taking oral contraceptives . We can not say, therefore, that the contraceptive pill or other hormonal contraceptives have a positive effect on weight gain.

Among the clinical trials study the evolution of the weight of the patient and the conclusion drawn was not always cause weight gain followed. However, it is possible that in some women birth control pills influyesen in some women to gain weight .

Our recommendation is that if after starting treatment a hormonal contraceptive (birth control pill, vaginal ring or contraceptive patch) you notice an increase in excessive weight, see your gynecologist to find an alternative. Among the alternative contraceptive options you could try a change of pill that take a different hormone combination, reduce the dose or switch to hormonal contraception without content as the male condom, the female condom or diaphragm.

With the pill decreases menstrual cramps?

One of the benefits of using birth control pills as a method to prevent pregnancy  is that thanks to its supply, the pain disappears rule, reduces anemia and some androgenic symptoms such as acne or hair. Moreover, as has been verified with many clinical studies, taking the pill decreases the risk of endometrial, ovarian, colon, breast disease and benign ovarian cysts cancer. However, the risk of breast cancer is the same with and without contraceptive.

If you take the pill you should take breaks?

There is no scientific evidence to support that if you stop taking birth control pills temporarily affect your health positively. Unless medically indicated against it because your health status change, there is no reason to make regular breaks . Remember that this kind of thing is essential that you attend the follow – up reviews directed by your doctor.

Does taking birth control pills affect fertility?

When you stop taking the pill, ovulation is recovered in month or month and a half and, with it, the ability to get pregnant. If we look at numbers, doctors indicate that in one year the percentage of women who become pregnant after stopping the pill is the same as in women who did not take it . Therefore, taking the pill does not affect our fertility , there is no more likely to deformations in the fetus or greater chance of having twin pregnancies.

In some women, “postpíldora amenorrhea” may appear, this means that if three months have left the pill has not become the rule you have to visit the doctor to induce period.

Choose the contraceptive method with which you feel most comfortable and in a wide variety of traditional contraceptives : condoms .

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