Contouring and other 9 makeup techniques


Contouring makeup techniques and other 9

2016 has been the year of Contouring and also has left us many innovations in the field of makeup and beauty . Tricks, makeup techniques and products have become indispensable and whose reign has sometimes been shared and others replaced. What have you left us in the dictionary Beauty 2016?

Contouring of the Non-touring through the Sandbagging

  1. Contouring : The art of sculpting the face with makeup became known in 2015 when the hands of the great makeup artists went to claim his place in the boudoirs of all those girls who feeling star did not attend any red carpet. The key isuse makeup to create games of light and shadow that shape the face to correct features like an oversized chin or those who wantpromote as a well padded cheekbones. The contouring has 3 basic rules:
    -The lighter shade is applied in areas you wantenhance.
    -the darker in areas you wanthide.
    They must blur all shades perfectly so that the result is natural.
    A variant of the contouring is tontouring focusing on light and shape the face only bronzing powders .
  2. Strobing : Whenalready have the technique controlled lights and shadows and had manageduse the right makeup shades, appeared strobing , the Contouring for fair skin . With this staining technique is to create dimension and definition with lights and reflections, leaving aside the dark spots. For perfect lighting, the skin must be perfectly hydrated for what you should have a good cleansing routine.
  3. Baking . Suma and makeup trend continues. The baking is intendedcover the most facial imperfections such as spots, enlarged pores andlines. In addition, it gives the skin a soft, natural finish . It applies corrector and fixed with translucent powder .
  4. Draping . The effect of draping can resemble the strobing , but it is used only blush. Two colors: clear to illuminate cheekbones and chin to give depth and dark one.
  5. Sandbagging . Luckily, you can leave the sand of the quiet beach. The sandbagging is to use loose powder under the eyes and around the lips into triangles. Thus, a barrier that prevents makeup from spreading is created. It should be applied after all makeup and blend well.
  6. Striping . Ifhave not convinced you none of these techniques natural finish, the striping is to use a bronzer (powder or cream) to highlight your cheekbones and nose, but without contouring.
  7. Whisking . Nothing to do with Scottish drink. The whisking merges two products to get the benefits of both at once. Makeup and moisturizer, hair oil with conditioner, facial fluid vitamin C … is to enhance the results of both.
  8. Non touring.  The last of the -ings is the non-touring, the opposition to contouring . With this type of makeup, also sculpts the face, but makeup powders, only illuminator. What differentiates the strobing ? A more natural, bright, luminous finish searching.
  9. Jamsu Makeup . Since Korea has reached fever one hand cosmetics inform of animals, and other fashion dipping her face in cold water to set the makeup. That’s the Jamsu Makeup . Of course, not everything goes. What take your face is the foundation or BB Cream and a generous layer of mattifying powders . After applying these products, you must submerging face in a bowl of cold water for 30 seconds. Thus, the skin is soft, pores close and the circulating active face. Then you should dryface with a towel without rubbing and makeup eyes and lips if you wish.
  10. Multimasking . Ifwas not enoughmaster the art of combining clothes closet, now it comes to facial masks. The multimasking is to adapt different types of face masks to areas of the face: astringents for oily areas with retinol and collagens for the eye contour, vitamin C for cheeks … The most important thing isknow how your skin in each area face to apply correct.

 10 products for makeup Queen

Depending on the technique you choose, you’ll need more or fewer products. Here is a list of everything you need if you want to try different techniques:

  1. Foundation or BB cream to unify.
  2. foundation for makeup Pre adhere better.
  3. Beauty blender . Another words that have inundated the vocabulary of beauty. It is an elliptical shaped sponge that fits all
  4. Contouring palette with a dark base to give depth and a clear to light.
  5. Rouge.
  6. Bronzing powders.
  7. Illuminator.
  8. Corrector.
  9. translucent powder.
  10. BB cream.

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