Clinipam: access the company’s medical guide

Clinipam: access the company’s medical guide

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Today, investment in a good health plan is basic need, since the range of services and amenities featured on medical guide are large and complete. Depend on Health System, SUS, is practically leave the welfare side and put health at risk. The Clinipam saw the need for a more humane care long ago, in 1983, and is currently one of the largest health plans of Parana.

Clinipam customers have a wide range of specialties, tests, procedures and more. It also offers an exclusive network, providing an excellent service that cares for patient well-being, to provide more humane treatment and care with health.

Below you will find the complete medical guide Clinipam, thus facilitating you to find the specialty and professional for the care of your health and your family.

Medical Guide Clinipam

In Araucaria customers Clinipam have care in internal medicine and pediatrics. Moreover, they are offered several tests, such as echocardiography, ultrasound and / or ultrasound, ECG, Holter, clinical laboratories, mammography, X-ray and exercise testing. Already the specialties available in the city are: cardiology, pediatric surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedics and traumatology and pediatric urology. Finally, there is also the provision of therapies, such as physiotherapy.

Already in Campina Grande do Sul are offered laboratory clinical analysis, radiation therapy, and hospital emergency clinic with medical specialty. In Campo Largo are found with pediatric care clinics, hospitals with eye care and laboratory tests.

The city of Colombo offers a wide variety of services, divided into internal medicine, examinations (echocardiography / ultrasound, X-ray and laboratory) and calls the specialties: dermatology, obstetrics / gynecology, family and community medicine, internal medicine, orthopedics and trauma and pediatrics. therapies are still offered (physiotherapist).

The state capital, Curitiba, the largest number of services. This is due to high demand by patients who live in the city or in neighboring regions. Customers in Clinipam will have at their disposal: clinics (cardiology, medical and pediatric ); several tests (actinoterapia, audiometry, skin biopsy, callousness, canthoplasty, cauterization of skin lesions, gynecological chemical cauterization, colonoscopy, colposcopy and gynecological biopsies, cryotherapy, bone densitometry, esophageal balloon dilation, echocardiogram, arterial and venous Doppler, among others); hospitals (oncology / clinical oncology, cardiology, gynecology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, pediatrics, psychiatry and others); as well as various specialties for medical consultation.

Clinipam also offers the service in the cities: Fazenda Rio Grande (physiotherapy), Pinhais (medical clinic, hospitals examination and specialties) and, finally, São José dos Pinhais (also offers medical clinic, hospitals and specialty exams).

Medical Guide online

On the website of Clinipam, you find the complete medical guide, with all the services and specialties offered by the health plan in addition to the address and contact for appointments. For more information, visit: clinipam . with .uk.

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