Check out everything a premium health plan offers

Check out everything the premium health plan offers

When it comes to our family, we always want the best. After all, whether it be an emergency or routine care, we want the people we love the most are supported by the most qualified professionals to access services quickly and contains all features required for full recovery. So it is important to know the benefits of a health plan premium.

You already know this type of plan? You know what are the advantages that it offers to its beneficiaries? You want to understand how it can bring security and tranquility for your family? Then follow our post!

What is a premium health plan?

It is a form of completely different plans. It aims to offer a unique experience to its beneficiaries, based on a modern service model combined with the high quality of services offered by providers.

Operators such plan understand that whether the client to perform routine procedures or is in a vulnerable situation due to an emergency, it is the role of business really take care of that beneficiary.

So they do it mainly in two ways:

  • providing cutting-edge medicine with highly efficient features and quality services;
  • making life easier for the recipient through extracurricular services that guarantee comfort, convenience and sophistication.

Therefore, it is a concept that seeks to provide all the support and assistance that the person needs to feel safe, while offering the best medical resources necessary for their recovery or maintenance of health.

In this mode, the Buddy works with the best market option – the One Health. As part of the group Amil, this company offers plans in Black and Lincx lines, combining high technology and quality.

What are the advantages of hiring a premium plan?

Hiring a premium plan brings numerous benefits to his family. Meet some of them:

differentiated coverage

Unlike the conventions and traditional insurance, a premium health plan offers a provider network differentiated.

This means that the customer has not only a greater number of options. Besides the large number of alternatives, professionals and institutions are strictly selected and trained to provide a high standard service.

In São Paulo , for example, the One Health offers complete service and back in institutions such as hospitals Albert Einstein and Syrian-Lebanese. The patient also has size laboratories and quality as Fleury, DA Club and Einstein himself.

rear care at upscale hospitals

The rear of care is not a very remarkable feature, so that most plans simply do not offer. However, we will explain how this difference is important.

Full coverage for the care of rear ensures that the patient has access to all the specialists needed in the hospital where he sought assistance.

Imagine that in a case of emergency, the patient or a member of your family has been taken to the emergency room of one of these hospitals. As we are talking about a high-standard service, we will mention Einstein, who goes by the One Health.

Upon arriving at the hospital and go through the emergency room, the doctor asks the patient to be treated by a specialist. It can be an orthopedic (in case of a fall or an accident), a gastroenterologist (for abdominal pain) or any other specialty.

This is when the patient needs a plan that covers the rear service. If he count on this coverage, will have its consultation with the 100% guaranteed expert in own hospital Albert Einstein.

If he does not have this coverage (what happens to most plans), the service will not happen the way it was planned. He will have to pay the consultation of pocket – which can cost you dearly – or having to request the refund part by your plan.

Therefore, the rear of care is essential to the peace of the family, who is sure that will not need to leave the patient looking for other services or have unforeseen financial due to the event.

Total assistance

The One Health offers other advantages. Your customers are entitled to check-up and to cover for cases of transplant beyond the recommended list by Anvisa.

In addition to an accredited wide and highly qualified network, they can request a refund if they need services performed in the particular network. For beneficiaries of Lincx LT3 plan, repayment takes place in a period of 24 hours.


The One Health clients have a range of facilities that facilitate their daily lives. They have at their disposal the rescue of Amil health, collecting exams at home and cover vaccines .

Furthermore, all necessary assistance is provided to their patients. Hospitals like Einstein and the Syrian-Lebanese have an embassy of One Health, in charge of this special service.

This means that patients of One Health has an exclusive waiting room available, in which they have concierge service and other benefits. So your family will have all the necessary support within the institution.

In case you need to refund, the One Health sends a courier to pick up the receipts on the spot of your choice. So you need not move or wear to give input in the process. You can even track the status of the request for a digital platform.


One of the advantages of the One Health Plan is the Health Rescue. This is a hospital transport system that puts ambulances, helicopters and even jets available to its beneficiaries in case of need.

These vehicles are true mobile ICU-equipped with the most advanced technology and the world-class professional support.

The best support in national and international territory

With a premium health plan, the customer has to make sure that you’ll be offered the best doctors, hospitals and clinics. This applies to both national and international institutions.

In the case of One Health, its international scope additive guarantees coverage anywhere in the world, valid even for the need of care due to accidents in sports practices.

The recipient has immediate coverage and emergency medical and dental emergencies, and assistance for the remaining 180 days abroad. The limits vary between $ 100 thousand and $ 300 thousand, depending on the chosen plane.

The international service is provided by a unique center of One Health, which has even with an international concierge staff. Thus, customers have all the guidance, security and peace of mind to handle the situation.

Understand what are the advantages of a premium health plan and how it is the perfect solution to take care of your family? Want to discover other benefits of this differentiated service concept?

So do not delay! Talk right now with one of the Buddy Health experts, get all your questions and discover the best alternative on the market. We await your contact !


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