Cancer: prevention and early diagnosis are strong allies

Cancer: Prevention and early diagnosis are strong allies

1The cancer is a ghost that haunts many families. According to the INCA (National Cancer Institute), is expected to nearly 600,000 annual cases of the disease in Brazil. Despite the alarming figures, the good news is that treatment is becoming more efficient and cancer prevention has gained more strength, increasing the chances of cure.

To give strength to the movement, they are held every year the campaign October Rose and Movember, which aims to encourage actions to prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer. These dates are great opportunities to remind the population of the health care and the importance of early diagnosis to successful treatment.

In this post, you will know more about the main types of cancer, treatments, cancer prevention and ways to detect early. Follow and stay well informed!

What is cancer?

This is the name given to more than 100 diseases that are caused by the abnormal behavior of cells before healthy but begin to grow wildly. These cells invade tissues and organs of the body, impairing the functioning of the whole organism.

The causes for cancer appearance may vary, but are not always predictable. Among them stand out genetic predisposition, unruly lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet , alcohol and tobacco, unprotected sex, among others. Environmental factors such as the presence of toxic chemicals in construction or at work, can also have great influence.

What are the main types?

According to INCA, the most common type of cancer is the skin, which affects men and women equally. For men, the most common types are prostate, colon and rectum lung, mouth, esophagus, larynx, bladder and leukemia. For women, the most incident types are breast , colon and rectum, cervix, lung, stomach, uterine body, ovaries, and others. Among the children , one of the most common cancers are leukemia, which affects the bone marrow and blood.

In all cases, it is important that treatment be started as soon as possible. It is important to remember that early diagnosis is essential to increase the chances of cure.

How is the treatment?

In general, treatment of cancer includes the total or partial removal of cancer cells, measure to decrease its rapid spread. After this step, you start a treatment with a wide combination of drugs, which act to inhibit the malignant cells.

Depending on the case, it may be necessary to perform radiation therapy, which is a way to “kill” the cancer by X-ray waves. This treatment is done with chemotherapy. In the case of leukemia, it may be necessary to perform the bone marrow transplantation.

Treatments can be very aggressive, so it is important to have medical care and family support throughout the process.

What forms of cancer prevention

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Cigarette smoke is already a known carcinogen that acts both in smokers and in nonsmokers. When ignited, the cigarette releases hundreds of toxic chemicals that in the long run, can trigger tumors and disorders in the metabolism, leading to cancer. How it affects all who have contact with the smoke, it is important to always respect the rules prohibiting smoking indoors, and avoid smoking near children.

Already excessive consumption of alcohol can also be harmful and lead to various problems in the liver, esophagus and intestine. Studies indicate even that even frequent small doses of alcohol significantly increase the chances of developing breast and prostate cancer.

Watch feed

Food ultra-processed, full of pesticides and with very long labels are great villains to health. Prolonged consumption of these foods with many preservatives and other ingredients of complicated names can trigger serious problems in the intestine, leading even to cancer.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the fresh food bought in supermarkets. Many vegetables are full of poisons and pesticides, which in the long run can lead to mutation of cells and tumor formation. Therefore, it is important to wash the food and always seek to know its origin.

Safe sex

Although common, HPV is an extremely dangerous virus. It usually is transmitted during sex without a condom. This disease, which in some cases causes warts in the genital area can also form tumors in the cervix and penis.

The virus can stay dormant for years before causing problems, and so it is important to prevent and carry out constant tests. The best way to avoid contamination is to use condoms in all sexual relations, in addition to taking the necessary vaccines against the disease.

Use sunscreen

According to the INCA, it is estimated 5,670 new cases of skin cancer each year. So use sunscreen constantly, especially on a sunny country like Brazil, it is key. In addition to preserving the skin longer, it avoids the formation of melanomas.

Take care of the safety of the workplace and your home

In ancient and inexpensive construction, it is common to find materials such as asbestos and lead. These two substances are highly toxic to humans and can lead to cancer development. So it is important to always check that your place of work and residence is within safety standards. Other substances that can be found are cadmium (paints) and mercury (in thermometers).

How to detect early?

Stay tuned and these symptoms in both adults and children:

  • constant pallor or excessive;
  • frequent and persistent fever;
  • frequent body aches and joint;
  • constant anemia;
  • stains by the body;
  • moles that change position, color and shape;
  • lumps or foreign and painful lumps;
  • frequent vomiting;
  • urine or feces with blood;
  • frequent infections.

Feel or verify the presence of any of these symptoms, alone or in combination, see a doctor immediately. If there is history of the disease in the family, be sure to hold a general accompaniment to all be investigated.

Tests such as mammography, Pap smear examination of touch and are essential for women and should be performed regularly. While men should do, and monitoring with a general practitioner, the examination of the tap to prevent prostate cancer.

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