Can the sunscreen of the face be used on the body?

Can the sunscreen of the face be used on the body?

During the months of good weather (especially now that summer is coming) we want to make the most of the pleasant climate of the walks in the sun, trips to the beach, mountain, hangouts with friends and family … But these moments when our skin is exposed (more than ever) to sunlight . If we ignore their prevention , they can cause damage and lead to serious skin problems. So we want you to know how to properly use sunscreen.

Keys to properly use sunscreen

To keep your beautiful and undamaged skin, follow our advice:

  1. The first thing is to choose the correct sun protection factor depending on your skin type, lighter skin need much more protection (as children and pregnant women).
  2. You should apply sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before exposure , so your skin can absorb it well and you will be properly protected.
  3. Behold the answer! It is advisable to use a special sunscreen for the face and another for the rest of the body.
  4. Why is it important to use a sunscreen for the face and one for the body? For the following reason: the skin of our face is much more sensitive than the body is more prone to the effects of sun exposure, burning, drying and presenting spots and wrinkles. Different products are needed with other components that protect effectively.
  5. Do not forget to apply the cream more hidden areas like ears , the eyelids and behind the neck . In addition, the nose (especially the bridge and tip) also need extra protection because it is usually burned more than the rest of the face.
  6. For areas of the body, we must pay more attention to the chest and shoulders , as they are more exposed to the sun and tend to have more freckles.
  7. Take care of your feet! Many times we forget ourselves cream in this area because buried in the sand, but this area is also very delicate and can suffer high sunburn.
  8. If you want to get a nice tan all over the body you must know that our skin does not burn evenly, such as the arms, chest and belly pick up color sooner than legs, so t e advise you to buy sunscreens different SPF for use in sensitive areas.

The best facial sunscreens

Before choosing a sunscreen for the face it is important that you consider what your skin type (if you usually burn or are more likely to tan), for the more sensitive to the sun be, the more protection you need. What facial sunscreen can use?

  1. If you want to disguise and protect your face from the sun at the same time , Isdin® Fotoprotector bronze oil-free Compact SPF50 + makes it very easy. This treatment gets a uniform matt finish and natural tone in complexion, while conceals imperfections. Its composition is free of oil and water resistant . It also has a sun protection factor SPF50 + that can prevent the skin from such harmful effects of the sun on our skin as dryness, wrinkles and blemishes. Two in one!
  2. Do you have very sensitive skin? The perfect sunscreen for your face is Piz BUIN® SPF30 + Allergy face cream . It has been specially developed to care for and protect sun – sensitive skins. Thanks to its creamy texture, it is rapidly absorbed into the skin of the face. Its composition, gives skin a higher contribution of hydration that allows you to calm her down and keep it soft, silky and protected. In addition, their sunscreens help your skin to protect skin aging , from burns and redness . Enjoy the sun without damaging your skin!
  3. Your face deserves high protection against sunlight! How do we get it ? With Fotoprotector ISDIN® Fusion Water SPF50. It is a sunscreen that provides a feeling of freshness to the skin with a silky finish. Its formula allows rapid absorption that leaves no residue on the skin. Its ingredients are water resistant and also not irritate eyes.
  4. If you prefer the gel texture , HELIOCARE 360 SPF50 + FREE OIL-GEL is a sunscreen that has a wide coverage against UVB / UVA rays. Thanks to its formulation has an ultra – light gel texture and totally fat free. It provides rapid absorption and an excellent finish without white appearance without glare. Also prevents premature photoaging and appearance of imperfections on the skin. Test it!

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