Can I hire a health plan while pregnant? How to make?

Can I hire a health plan while pregnant? How to make?

The arrival of a baby for a family is certainly one of the most anticipated moments not only for parents, but for family and friends who accompany pregnancy. Along all this expectation for the new life to be born , there were also several natural health concerns of the mother and fetus – which will soon become a baby.

With the high cost of private treatment and the uncertainty caused by the free health services, there is no doubt that hiring a health plan is the best alternative to have at least nine months of safety in medical care aspect.

In this post we understand what are the differences at the time of hiring a health plan to an already pregnant woman, whether it is worth investing in this service during pregnancy and how the plans can help during pregnancy. Check out!

health plan in pregnancy: be programmed is still the best way

In an ideal scenario, we strongly recommend that any woman of childbearing age have a health plan with obstetrics service to ensure the monitoring of a possible pregnancy during all months.

So if you are in a serious relationship, you want to get married or start a family independently, to set it (if possible) so that the engagement of the health service be performed before pregnancy.

This tip is very important because the plans have shortages of care that should be respected and that will delay access to various treatments, especially for mothers.

Therefore, even if some emergency treatment costumem be covered by the plans in case of immediate hiring, others really will have to wait some time for use.

Among the major advantages of already having health plan contracted before pregnancy are prenatal coverage. Ie all inquiries and examinations will be guaranteed.

Who already have health insurance before becoming pregnant can also count on the safety of one of the most important parts – and more costly – the process of gestation: childbirth. The need for labor in the natural time is 300 days in accordance with Brazilian rules. If your plan has obstetric coverage, delivery is guaranteed, be it natural or cesarean section.

Hire a health plan in the 5th week: what changes

Although coverage has to be a little more restricted due to lack, it is still quite advantageous for the expectant mother to hire a health plan until the fifth week of gestation.

This is because, according to national rules, 24 hours after contracting the pregnant woman already is replaced by the right emergency care for up to 12 hours. Soon after the 180-day grace period, the pregnant already becomes entitled to coverage of admissions and examinations.

The cases of premature births are covered if they happen between the 31th and 37th weeks of pregnancy.

Another important point is that once the baby is born, he is entitled to care throughout its first 30 days of life. During the same period it can be included as dependent on health insurance and do not need to meet the grace period.

Plan at 10 weeks: the advantages and shortcomings

In the tenth week of pregnancy you can still enjoy some benefits pre and postpartum. As in the previous topic, the pregnant woman has the right emergency care for up to 12 hours after the hiring.

The 180 days are also the deadline for the lack of tests and hospitalizations.

In this case there is no coverage for the procedure called “term delivery”, which takes place from the 38th week of pregnancy. Premature births are covered if they occur between the 36th and 37th weeks of pregnancy.

But the baby has service for 30 days from being born 36 weeks and, of course, it can be included as a dependent, also no shortage.

Questions and curiosities: what you need to know

In addition to the importance of knowing how the health plan can help you according to the stage of pregnancy, it is important to pay attention to other fundamental details of this process. When hiring a health plan for a pregnant woman, it is essential that there is a market research and, above all , pay attention to the contract to ensure the midwifery coverage.

Baby inclusion as dependent

Shortly after birth the baby can already be included in the health plan as a dependent. This addition to the plan, however, is not carried out automatically as many parents can imagine.

After birth responsible must register the child in the health plan within 30 days to ensure that small is entitled to all services without grace plan.

Another point that deserves to be highlighted is that it is not only the mother’s health plan that the newborn can be included. If the father of the child has ties with any carrier, the child may also be included in the contract.

Yet it is important to strengthen the mother’s adherence to the plan, since, in addition to prenatal and childbirth, there are several queries and calls to be made to the mother after birth.

Priority for normal delivery

Since July 2015, the new rules of the National Health Agency, which regulates health plans, plans are no longer required to cover birth by Caesarean section when they are not really needed. That is, when the mother chooses not to undergo natural childbirth, there is the obligatory costs of surgery.

The measure is a way to encourage future mothers to opt for vaginal delivery, producing less risk to the health of the mother and baby.

If you plan to become pregnant, will closely monitor the future pregnancy of someone or have any questions on how a health plan can really help a pregnant during all nine months and after delivery, the Buddy Health Plans can help you. Contact with our team and understand all the possibilities, in addition to a complete advice on how to choose the best plan for your situation !


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