Can essential oils be used in babies?

Can be used essential oils in babies?

In the previous article we saw that some essential oils and their derivatives can be used from the second trimester of pregnancy  and during lactation, always in moderation. But do they apply to the care and well-baby? Are they safe for the little ones? Today we will answer these questions.   

Some essential oils are safe and beneficial

Aromatic plant extracts are highly concentrated, here we use them with caution and dose well established . As the wise Paracelsus said, “only the dose makes something a poison.” Although it is a phrase that can not be applied in 100% of cases, yes it is true that there are essential oils and extracts sufficiently soft and well tolerated . Even for babies.

Of course, product quality is paramount , and the correct identification of plant species that compose it and the indication that really are suitable for use in smaller (by the concentration of active ingredients). That a product is natural is not synonymous with safe, so we always take precautions and seek full information before using any product.

If you want to know more about essential oils, here we explain what they are, how they are used and what benefits they have .


Useful essential oils baby care

Normally, synergistic mixtures of essential oils are used in combination with vegetable oils. Pure concentrated oils would be too strong. The usual recommendation is from 3 months old, always topical and under specifying that the preparation is suitable for babies .



As in the previous article, we can see concrete examples of suitable essential oils for babies:

  1. Roman chamomile essential oil.  Chamomile is well known to make an infusion, but not by their valuable essential oil, which have relaxing properties . In case of shock or acute stress in adults can be applied 2 drops of oil directly on the inside of the wrists and inhale to take advantage of olfactivos stimuli and to calm the mood. In addition, its properties digestive are well known: in some specific products, combined with other essences and can be applied in infants inform of massage. Infant colic and gases are common and very troublesome for the baby, so a relaxing massage on the tummybe entirely appropriate. I recommend Weleda oil 50ml tummy of the baby , which also contains essential oil of cardamom and sweet almond vegetable oil. They can be heated droplets of the mixture in hands and a gentle massage around the navel, indirection of clockwise to promote intestinal transit.
  2. Essential oils of balsam fir and olivardilla . Oils in aromatherapy are a very precious for their mucolytic properties and natural support to the airway . In this sense, I like the combination of balsam  Pranarôm PranaBB easy breathing 40g, which includes in its formula. To facilitate breathing if mucus, can be applied from 3 months of age on the chest and back, also with a gentle massage (up2 times a day). Its vanilla aroma is very pleasant sensory level and gel texture is easyapply.

As we see, it is possible to use some natural essential oils for infant care, as they are a plant resource with great potential. Vegetable authentic jewels in combination with other components correct can support good digestive and respiratory baby. Always with the criteria and appropriate doses, so that they are completely safe. Remember, when in doubt about a product, it is preferable not to use and consult a health care professional.

I hope these tips will be useful and until next time!

Disclosure: The information in my articles and in private consultation responses is independent character. I make recommendations based on the technical information and professional judgment itself and not receive any incentive to highlight some products over others. I thank all readers who ask for the selection criteria applied and encourage you to continue sending your questions and comments.

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