Business health plan: who can be dependent?

Business health plan: who can be dependent?

The health plan offers more safety and comfort for the whole family: in addition to ensuring access to efficient medical care and of proven quality, the beneficiary can choose from several health professionals, hospitals and testing laboratories.

No wonder that the corporate health plan is one of the most desired benefits for employees of any company. After all, hiring a plane as an individual, be it individual or family, you can weigh the pocket at the end of the month. But who has the benefit usually come across a common question: Can include dependents in the corporate health plan?

Often by timidity or fear of losing the benefit, employees do not question their employers about this possibility. Even many of the managers also unaware of the laws involving the issue considering that this clarification is the responsibility of the insurers themselves.

If you have any questions about it , read on and understand once what are the benefits and who can be dependent on a corporate health plan:

What are the benefits of a corporate health plan?

Before we get into the issue of dependents, you need to understand the advantages of adopting a business plan.

For the developer, the advantage is clear, because it is a free benefit, in whole or in part, offered by the company. By the way, since the business plans cost less, the employee can enjoy a better type than if it was paid for himself, with greater coverage and provider network.

But for the employer and what the advantage of offering the benefit of health insurance for the employee and dependents it?

For starters, a corporate health plan offers more security for the employee. With health easy access, possibility of a preventive check-up and treatment provided, it becomes quieter and therefore more productive. There is no doubt: Healthy people work better, produce more, miss less work and are dedicated to the company.

In addition, it recognized the fact that the supply of a good health plan is one of the main reasons for attraction and retention of talent in the company, often being something considered more important to have a higher salary or receive a raise.

Who may be dependent?

Including dependents is not something applicable to the company, but the operators of health plans. It is a worker’s right provided by law. The National Health Agency (ANS) defined in resolution rules, just over six years, the dependents can be included by the beneficiary in corporate health plans.

However, the ANS also provides that operators may require confirmation of the link through official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, according to the degree of kinship.

They are considered dependents in health plans:

  • blood relatives of the first, second and third degrees, as parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, nephews, children, grandchildren and siblings;
  • spouse (husband or wife), companion and partner in civil or religious marriage or marriage;
  • companion and partner in a stable homosexual union with the beneficiary;
  • children, step-children or others in custody or judicial custody until the age of 21 or even 24 years, if they are economically dependent and students of higher education recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC);
  • all dependent mentioned above, when pensioners from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

When including dependents in the plan?

Before you hire a corporate health plan, the business owner needs to be aware of all the issues related to the procurement, including the inclusion of dependents. While it is a point covered in law, bureaucracy is established by the insurer.

The employee should also pay attention when signing the contract with immediate adhesion-dependent when possible. It is important to note that all persons covered by the plan (holder and dependents) shall have the same benefits where inclusion is made.

Thus, the inclusion of a dependent by the beneficiary may be made at any time, even in very old plans. Keep an eye because the grace period is valid only for who is included later. The holder remains the same benefits of the plan before adding a dependent.

Another detail is that this rule also applies to the inclusion of dependent on individual plans, which become familiar. By including a relative, the already fulfilled vesting period can not be revoked. Only new members now have to stick to it.

That is, if you, collaborator, did not know this benefit, have time to include family members, simply consult the operator to present the necessary documents. If you, the employer, did not know these details, you can also search operators and communicate to employees of your company. Surely they will be much more satisfied!

How to hire a business plan?

There is a multitude of types of health plans, coverage, coverage and provider network, which can vary greatly according to the specifications of each insurer. The price variation is also great, even from one region to another.

Before you hire a corporate health plan, check all contract conditions and the advantages, because not always the cheapest is the most worth it. Another important detail to consider is the size of the company and the number of employees who will be covered. The discount is progressive, in accordance with the inclusion of more workers, and vary in price depending on the age of each.

If in doubt, a specialized consulting firm can help you choose the ideal plan , and resolve any contractual bureaucracy. She can also get the best price and terms negotiations with insurers.

What can not be denied is that the corporate health plan is one of the preferred benefits of the employees of any company, regardless of industry, function or hierarchical level. Having satisfied workers is higher productivity and a much more pleasant working environment for everyone.

If you still have doubts about it or want to hire a corporate health plan, please contact us  and know our solutions!

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