Bradesco medical guide: consultation with physicians

Bradesco medical guide: consultation with physicians

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health plans Bradesco Seguros has been one of the most prominent of the market in recent times. With more and more professionals, companies and individual patients adhering to the plan, it is essential that the company established between all parts of this business a communication channel that guides on the general characteristics and give recommendations on the use of health plans.

Thinking about the company created the Medical Guide Take Me, an online platform with relevant information and informative for doctors and patients who use or are referenced the company’s health plans. The site is simple to find and use, the address is https : // wwws . bradescosaude . with . br / CuideBem / index . shtml

In this medical guide, the patient will find tips on how to make good use of your health plan, what can and what can not be done by the doctor. In this sense, the site brings both specifications properly for the business plan itself, but also disseminates information regarding the ethics of professional to attend to patients in concepts such as informed consent, for example.

In the portal, the patient can also find out where and who can be served for the type of query you need, all divided by specialty and geographic area, a few clicks of reach. The medical guide also tells you what information the patient should be provided in time to consult with the health professional.

Diseases and FAQ

With the intention of being, in fact, a medical guide and not just a primer on how to use a health plan, the platform of “Take Me” also features thematic panels on diseases like H1N1, dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, in addition to guiding also about the risks of self-medication.

Of course, the guide does not forget the biggest questions of their subscribers and customers. After all, it is more advantageous for both business as well as for patients and physicians that the insurance standard procedures are carried out by all parties with precision and agility.

Among the most frequently asked questions are questions such as “What to do if you need the 2nd copy of the card,” “Service without health insurance card”, “Procedures for 2nd copy of Income Tax Statement,” “Access to the referral network professionals go by the plan, “” Request for exams and other procedures “,” Refund Request “,” Registration Data “,” dependent on inclusion and exclusion “,” Termination of the plan “,” consultation services “and” Certificates permanence. “

for medical

The guide’s content is geared toward users plan patients, but it is interesting that doctors also access the site and have knowledge of the content to eventually guide patients who have difficulties to access or understand the procedures described therein. While this clarification should be left to the company, the doctor can help provide primary information.

For referenced network professionals, the platform has a unique structure of conditions and data query. The site is restricted to doctors, requires login and password in order to protect the personal and professional information of each doctor associated with the insurance service network.

Visit the website and learn more about the Medical Guide Take Me.

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