Bodybuilding in Old Age: Know Why It’s So Important

Bodybuilding in Old Age: Know Why It’s So Important

Regular physical exercise is very important for physical health and well-being at every stage of life . In old age, however, the benefits of an active lifestyle are even more fundamental to live this step with health, combating diseases relacionas to aging, have more independence and quality of life.

The practice of strength in old age contributes directly to the achievement of these goals. He was curious as to how this activity helps in achieving a long and healthy life? We follow you count:

Aid in weight control

One of the main benefits of the practice of bodybuilding is the aid in weight control. Overweight and obesity are some of the factors related to the common chronic diseases in later life such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and contribute to the emergence of cancer and joint problems.

Strength training helps in controlling weight by increasing energy expenditure during the execution of the exercises. Moreover, with the muscle mass gain, increases caloric burn, even at rest.

This is because the growth of muscle tissue is also grow the rate of metabolism. With this increase, the body starts to burn more calories even when you are not practicing the exercises – even when you’re sleeping!

Maintaining good form in the elderly, as well as having a positive effect on self-esteem is an important health catalyst. Combined with a proper diet , weight training helps that goal, contributing to the health of the elderly population.

Balance of blood sugar levels

Diabetes is a common disease in old age, when uncontrolled, has a strong negative impact on health. It can cause or aggravate problems such as:

  • kidney disease;
  • retinal diseases;
  • ulcers and amputations;
  • heart diseases;
  • AVC.

In Type 2 diabetes, the most common in adults, the body produces insulin but it does not develop the proper function. As a result, the body can not metabolize the sugars.

Research has proven that strength training acts directly on reducing the levels of blood sugar. This is because, during practice, the muscles capture the sugar from the blood stream to use as energy, reducing its quantity in circulation. Thus, the activity is able to help in the prevention of diabetes and its treatment.

Improved heart health

Cardiovascular problems are a frequent concern in the elderly. Heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure are problems occurring increases throughout life, and adverse impact on aging.

The weight reduces cardiovascular risk factors already mentioned, such as diabetes and obesity. Constant practice also helps to lower blood pressure at rest, assisting in the control of hypertension and reducing the risk of complications.

Another point of action of weight on health of the elderly is in control of changes in lipid profile, which includes cholesterol and triglycerides. Its imbalance is called dyslipidemia and contributes to the emergence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and stroke.

The regular practice of bodybuilding operates mainly in reducing blood levels of triglycerides, fats in the blood. Muscle tissue has an important role in fat metabolism, which strengthens its role in maintaining an adequate lipid profile and, consequently, better health.

Strengthening of bones

The strength of bones can be substantially changed during the third age, own factors of aging, nutritional and hormonal aspects.

The increased fragility of bones causes falls, fractures, reduction or loss of mobility. It also increases the number of hospitalizations, which significantly reduces the quality of life and increases the risk of infections.

Care for the skeletal system should therefore be one of the health priorities for those who are past 60 years. It should be done in several ways, such as improvements in diet, sun exposure and supplementation of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the strength of practice is also a strong ally for the preservation of bone health.

During muscle strain, bones are subjected to a tension force. This force generates a stress which has the response of the body increasing bone density. The result, according to studies , is more rigid, strong and sturdy bones.

In addition to acting directly on the skeleton, the weight, as its name suggests, promotes muscle strengthening. This provides an improvement in joint performance of the musculoskeletal system, helping the body balance, strength for everyday activities and the prevention of falls and fractures.

Benefits in sleep and mood

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the definition of health should include not only the absence of disease, but be seen as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. Considering this, a healthy mind is one of the pillars to ensure the quality of life in the elderly.

Unfortunately, with advancing years, the emergence of problems such as depression and it is not uncommon insomnia , caused by physiological, psychological or social factors.

The emergence of these problems can have a negative impact on other diseases including, since the depression, for example, increases the risk of heart problems, as has been proven scientifically .

In the search for better mental health, the practice of bodybuilding also offers important benefits. During and after exercise, are released in the body neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These substances are related to the sensations of happiness, pleasure and relaxation, improve psychological well-being of those who practice the activity.

The physical fatigue, along with the action of neurotransmitters, has a very positive effect on the quality of sleep. Who does physical activities always sleep better, and the elderly are no exception.

The benefits of weight training are numerous and fundamental for good health. It is necessary, however, to emphasize that a careful medical evaluation before the practice of any activity is indispensable.

The choice of practice intensity and frequency should also be guided by health professionals and physical education. Thus, the elderly population can make the most of every benefit offered.

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