Benefits of pure rosehip oil

Benefits of Pure rosehip oil

The pure rosehip oil is high in vitamins which benefits both our skin and our hair. How to use it is varied depending on the area and the problem to be treated, but the results are always excellent. This week, Naomi gives us six tips for getting the full potential rosehip oil.

In today’s video we will talk about the benefits and uses of oil 100% pure rose hip .

It is a well known for its nutrients oil has unsaturated fatty acids, lipids our body can not synthesize by itself, such as omega 3 and omega 6 also has a high vitamin content C and E which makes it a powerful antioxidant and vitamin important for proper cell function.

Its uses are diverse, there are all kinds of products that include in their formulation, such as moisturizers, gels, balms, eye contours … but for a more visible results you should use a pure oil 100% rose hips , for example this oil Repavar , which comes with roll-on and eyedropper to apply directly on the area to be treated or us directly can mix with other products as they are now going to comment.

  1. Care Skin
    has a high regenerative power , applied directly deep repair all types of scars and burns (if the skin does not remain open and which are recovered), it gives elasticity to the skin and reduces wrinkles and stains. It is used to clean skin morning and night. Few drops are deposited on the fingers and applied with a circular massage treatment area. Another way to use it is adding ourselves rose oil mosqueta other products serves to hydrate and nourish all our skin.
    We can add a few drops to:
    – Bath gel.
    – Body creams.
    – body, alone or together with other essential oils Lotions.
    It is very useful for masaje.Si we have shaved legs for example, to soothe irritation and the process of regeneration of the epidermis is first recommended to apply the cream or lotion usual after-shave and then apply a few drops of oil and massage over .
  2. For Scars and striae
    These are formed by stretching and accelerated growth of the skin , resulting in an increase in collagen fibers that can not form properly and rompen.Hay two kinds of grooves, that still have red blood circulation where the tissue is still alive and white where there is no circulation and tissue dies. Oil rose hip is effective in the red streaks. It is applied morning and night to clean skin with a gentle massage until completely absorbed the oil. The results will begin to see after about a month and after 6 months is when all of the improvement will be seen.
  3.  For wrinkled skin, dehydrated or pigmented
    for vitamins has a high anti-stain and rehydrating power . It acts giving elasticity to the lines even in the area around the eye, taking care that the product does not fall into the eye.
    It is also applied twice daily massage directly on the skin until completely absorbed or mixing it with our facial creams or eye contours.
  4. Dry Scalp
    The rosehip oil works very well with dandruff problems . We’ll use it twice a week. Or we can apply a few drops directly on the scalp wet or impregnate a cotton swab and let giving touches the scalp or directly in a spray mixing some water and oil drops after massaging. We can wrap your head with plastic wrap or use a shower cap to increase leaving it for about 3 hours effects. Finally, we proceed to wash hair as usual and can also apply a few drops on our shampoo.
  5. Care of dry , damaged hair
    If you have damaged hair, frizzy or very fine is perfect apply a few drops on our mask, or before washing your hair apply ourselves a few drops even mixed with some other oil like sweet almond to give extra care to hair, then we would clean as usual.
  6. Acne
    If you have a specific problem of acne, which is not a serious problem that requires further treatment, we can also apply a drop directly to the granite proving very effective and preventing later left the mark of granite.

And remember to take vitamin C is recommended to use a sunscreen if we are to apply the musk rose during the day.

See you next week with a new board!

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