Annual Checkup: 7 Tips to Make Yourself

Annual Checkup: 7 Tips to Make Yourself

The rush of everyday life, the various activities we do in our routine and rush to deal with so many commitments end up doing often that we set aside one of the most important assets of our life: our own health.

How many times have you, or someone you know, have ignored a head ache, a slight twinge in the chest or another sign that should not be common, but it ends up being pushed aside for lack of time to see a doctor? These signals, however, may be evidence that something more serious may be going on with your body.

This is where the importance of the annual check-up. Today, here on the blog, we understand the importance you place the performance of tests in its fixed agenda, identify which are the main doctors should be consulted in this battery and follow important tips to take care of your health and also the health  of your family .

annual check-up: tips and important information

Simply put, we can understand that the annual check-up is a complete health assessment that includes tests that can detect early irregular situations in the patient’s body in a pre-clinical stage.

According to experts, all men and women over the age of 40 should already include the annual check-up as one of its tasks. Nothing prevents, however, that the tests are made by all members of a family, regardless of age.

Some doctors even recommend that women already perform these tests from the first period, and men over 18 years. Children can also be included to make specific tests for their age, after all, take care of the health of the whole family is an essential zeal.

From now on, we will know some general tips that confirm why the annual check-up is so important – points to which you should pay attention in time to mark your own!

1. Understand that it is a matter of prevention

The holding of annual examinations, and, of course, care about health in general can guarantee the possibility of early detection of diseases and prevention to many others.

For women, for example, diseases such as cervical cancer of the uterus and breast , have chances of cure up to 90% higher if they are immediately identified at the outset. The same cure rate is valid for prostate cancer, if found early, in the case of men.

A complete check-up, including even a psychological evaluation can identify signs of depression and alcoholism risk evidence.

2. Seek a clinical evaluation

Nothing to want to do all the tests on their own, right? Even because many of them can only be done when a prescription.

The first step then is to visit the doctor you trust – usually a general practitioner – who can make a full assessment of your body and your health.

It is it then that will identify problems or suspicions and, from there, order tests and refer you to specialists. The needs and individual habits of each patient are considered by the doctor in the decision to request each exam.

A consultation with the clinician may also identify more obvious situations, such as skin diseases.

3. Consider also a nutritional assessment

Many people do not take into account a possible nutritional assessment when mounting your annual check-up. However, tell an expert how to your diet may be crucial to identify health problems and prevent the onset of many others.

In a  nutritional assessment , body composition by bioelectrical impedance analysis is carried out, the calculation of body mass index (BMI), and important guidance on the ideal diet for you at that time.

4. Understand the importance of a complete package

As we said, the ideal check-up that is made according to their personalities. Some tests, however, are made frequently.

The CBC, for example, is the most recommended by doctors. Is it going to evaluate the quantity and quality of some of the patient’s blood elements such as platelets, leukocytes and erythrocytes.

Fasting glucose, in turn, shows the level of glucose in the blood. The hepatography, which is a set of blood tests done solely to assess liver function  – ie, liver – is also quite prescribed.

Thyroid tests, exercise tests  and  cholesterol , mammograms, Pap smears and prostate exams are also commonly recommended by health professionals to their patients, according to their individuality.

5. Be aware of family history

An important tip which patients and physicians should pay close attention is the family history of disease.

A query is made quickly and without considering the right way, habits, life histories, previous diseases and heredity of patients may end up generating incomplete and inconclusive diagnosis.

During a consultation, always try to make clear all these situations to avoid later problems.

6. Check the reliability of the clinics, laboratories and health professionals

In addition to all that has been said so far, it is very important that you have some extra care that certainly will make his annual check-up is much more effective.

Experts recommend, for example, vary the locations of the examinations. Search and look for the best institution or laboratory for each test that was asked to you and, if in doubt, do further evaluation.

Always take into account the reputation and quality of hospitals, doctors and laboratories chosen for the tests you perform. wrong procedures can compromise the test results and undermine all the analysis done by a doctor, for example.

When taking samples for tests, note the rules stipulated by the applicants and try to follow to the letter what is requested in case of fasting or storage of any type of sample.

7. Consider hiring a health plan

An annual check-up can be costly if the patient and his family decide to carry out all consultations and particular form of examination. So count on the support of a comprehensive health plan is undoubtedly the best alternative to have the security of health day and no  scares in his pocket .

Search for the services offered by the plans, ask your questions and choose the one that best meets your needs and those of their families.

Now that you have all the information to do their annual check-up, do not delay once again the care of your health! If you have remaining questions about procedures,  the actual costs  and the best health plans or if you still need expert support to make hiring decisions, please contact us !


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