Alopecia in the beard, do you have a solution?

Alopecia in the beard, do you have a solution?

Thick, clear, finer hair … Anyway your beard, if you noticed lately that there are areas where you face is not growing hair, read on because I will explain why this happens.

What are bald spots on your beard?

The alopecia areata involves hair loss in a localized area of the body, usually it appears as a small circle where no skin inflammation, redness, or other abnormality but the area has been bald. Alopecia areata can occur in anyone and body.

Alopecia in the beard is not a serious disease , not contagious, even most men return to regain lost hair without treatment within a year or so. However, not many conclusive studies or treatments that are proven effective. These plaques are considered an autoimmune disease , ie own defenses of the person who suffers act against your hair follicles (part of the skin that gives hair growth), destroying the hair and bald spots forming.

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Why leave these bald spots on your beard?

There are many causes that can cause alopecia in the beard:

  1. Genetic factor .
  2. Stress or anxiety . If, as we have said, you have genetics to suffer this type of alopecia predisposition, it may be the first time it appears to be following a period of stress or anxiety. This does not mean that the burden is the cause, but acts as a trigger.
  3. As in stressful situations, some diseases, drugs or vaccines can cause the development of new plaques.

Is there treatment for alopecia areata?

Although the evolution of the disease is unpredictable and varies according to each person, in most cases Plaques tend to disappear spontaneously . While most men who suffer have more than one outbreak throughout his life.

It is not a worrisome disease and dermatologist can easily diagnose but can have psychological effects on the sufferer. The effectiveness of treatments for alopecia areata are unproven but there are some solutions for those concerned about these bald men:

  1. The main option is to shave , so the visibility of hairless area is avoided.
  2. You can use the same treatment applied to hair loss on the head hair, although it is not shown to work in all people.
  3. Even for irreversible bald, you can resort to surgery and hair transplants.

If the alopecia barbae worries you, visit to the dermatologist to recommend the treatment that best suits you.

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