Alert! Understand the risks of self-medication

Alert! Understand the risks of self-medication

30Quem not know anyone who has a mini pharmacy at home? One of those stuffed boxes of medicines for all occasions and illnesses. For some reason, we feel sure that there is no need to seek help from a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. What few people take into account are the risks of self-medication.

Having this collection of medicines at home is a tradition for many families . A brief analysis of the symptoms already yields indications of a pill or a few drops of medicine. The problem is that in addition to not cause the cure of the disease, this kind of situation can cause many other problems.

Today, here on the blog, let’s understand what the risks of self-medication, reveal major losses for those who choose to consume these products without a clinical follow-up, as well as giving tips to take medications properly. Follow:

Understanding the risks of self-medication

A remedy for headache , another for a muscle discomfort in the shoulder, another for heartburn and in the end, one for a sore throat. The convenience of having so many remedies available and quick resolution of promise for our discomfort is tempting, but hides a lot of dangers.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) , more than 10% of hospital admissions are caused by improper self-medication. To get an idea, according to the Integrated Center for Toxicological Surveillance of Mato Grosso do Sul (Civitox), most cases of poisoning are precisely caused by drugs.

The index is superior even to cases of venomous bites or animal pesticide contamination. In Brazil, according to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (Abifarma), at least 80 million people revealed the habit of taking medicine on their own.

Another survey, this time of the Technology and Quality Science Institute (ICTQ) showed an even more alarming rate : self-medication practiced by 76.4% of Brazilians.

Unwanted effects, concealment of serious conditions, reactions by the interactions and many other problems are on the list of self-medication risks. So before taking your next tablet on their own or statement from someone, check the list we prepared explaining some of these dangers.


One of the biggest risks of self-medication is undoubtedly the poisoning. The ease of access to drugs of the classes of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic, makes its use occurs indiscriminately.

Seeking agile solutions to the symptoms often occurs an overdose intake of medicines. That is, rather than just a pill for a headache, for example, many people take two at a time to try to speed up the recovery process.

These extra doses, however, can result in severe allergic reactions. Some poisoning cases can even be fatal. For children , the risks are even greater: the accumulation of substances in drugs may compromise the functioning of some organs of the body and cause serious consequences.

drug interaction

Surely you ever been to a doctor and before you indicate the treatment, he asked you if you were making use of some substance. This question – which should always be answered honestly – is made precisely to avoid a problem that can be very serious, known as drug interactions.

This occurs when the effects of a medicine are affected by the presence of another in the body. So hide your doctor that you are taking a class of drugs can cause it to prescribe you something that does not have the desired effect, or even to cause body aches, heart problems or even bleeding.

Use an antibiotic in conjunction with an antacid, for example, seems harmless, right? Wrong! This mixture tends to disrupt the treatment of infections. Since the mixture of corticosteroids with birth control can cause pain in the stomach and increase the risk of bleeding.

So it’s time to talk to your doctor, be sincere about which drugs are part of your routine!

Resistance of microorganisms

For many years, antibiotics have been sold freely and without prescription in pharmacies. This practice, however, resulted in the uncontrolled use of this class of drugs and created a dangerous effect: the resistance of micro-organisms.

As the drugs were used indiscriminately and without proper guidelines, many bacteria turned out to be strong and immune to active effects. To avoid this kind of situation, today’s antibiotics are sold only by prescription, which is retained after the sale.


For solving your problem at any given time, the medicine gets status of “miracle worker.” Due to this good result on one occasion, an even greater risk appears: the dependency.

Addiction to drugs occurs when the drugs end up being part of the daily lives of people and the need to consume them there even without the actual onset of symptoms.

With the applicant intake and abuse of medicines and substances do not have more effects on the body over time, as we have explained in the previous section, other serious health problems can arise, such as hypochondria, for example, which is the exaggerated and often fear of having a serious illness.

Masking symptoms

A headache, however simple it may seem, can be rather a sign that something is wrong with your body, even if only a small cold starting.

By ingesting various drugs without prescription to cancel symptoms, a more serious problem may be being masked and the diagnosis therefore postponed.

So, rather than self-medicate and possibly drown out something more serious, rely on the help of a professional.

The role of the health professional

The use of medications, including those that do not require a prescription to be purchased, should always be accompanied by a professional. We must at least have the support of a pharmacist to indicate the recommended doses when it is a remedy without stripe.

In all other cases, the monitoring of a doctor is essential. It is he who will hold the true diagnosis, analyze possible interactions between medicines, which set the dosage for your case and explain you how the medicine will act in your body.

So have the security of a good health plan that allows you to use this professional assistance when needed is a path that will help – a lot – that you avoid the risk of self-medication.

If you have questions about what is the best plan for you and your family, please contact us and know our solutions for your health!


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