After all what is CNES and what is its role in medicine?

After all NCHS what is and what is its role in medicine?

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The CNES, or National Health Facilities Register, aims to register all types of establishment in the area, whether public, private or insured, legal entity or individual, since, through them, are performed health care services in Brazil.

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But what is its function in medicine?

CNES: objectives and functions

The CNES is a record that should provide effective knowledge to managers of care and existing network and installed capacity.

Therefore, the CNES has the main function for the medicine to be a support tool in the management, so that decisions can be made and carried out plans as care health map.

It is possible to know how many and which establishments were open or closed, where there were more beds being opened in public or private network, and compare with the demand for these locations.

That is, the CNES should be the top of the integration of the Ministry of Health information systems, enabling the largest organ control over finances and allowing transfers according to the infrastructure of the establishment.

The code obtained when registering at CNES, and serves to certify regularity in operation, it is also used in the execution of contracts or additives of service as well as health insurance providers providers. It is required by the National Health Agency (ANS).

The CNES is obtained looking for the local manager, which can be municipal or state board of health. These are managers who will do the registration and maintenance of their facilities in CNES.

If you need to request an unsubscribe the establishment by the CNES, we need to send this request in writing of the code that should be deleted or that needs correction in the qualification, the subject and also the trade name or company name.

At the system site, within the SUS Department of Information page – Datasus, you can access files, applications and related documents to fill out the CNES.

What is a health facility for CNES?

Goes for offices in general, both doctors and psychologists and dentists, as well as clinics, polyclinics, hospitals – including day hospitals and specialized – clinics, physiotherapy and acupuncture services, among others.

The person responsible for the establishment must make the register and inform those who are professionals in each area and how many they are. Individually, you also need the data population.

The professional can fill in yourself, but the form must be collected by the head and gathered other information property, such as equipment, total area and services.

If a doctor acting in more than one establishment, for example, should be registered in each. The responsibility, however, is responsible for the institution.

If the doctor only act in place, it only fills the part it deserves as a professional. Already is responsible, you will need to provide full details of the establishment.

Not that the doctor will be responsible for the remaining professionals working in the same place and the work they performed. He only answers the transferred information.

Offices isolated, however, can use the simplified system of CNES, as the general register includes fields that these cases do not apply.

Learn more about CNES

The CNES was officially established by Ordinance MS / SAS 376 of 03.10.2000, published in the Official Gazette on 04/10/2000. Signing up was a wish of health managers for allowing elaborate planning, controls and assessments. Since then, membership has been improved, updated and adapted according to the use.

The registration requires information ranging from aspects related to human resources, the physical area, equipment as well as services, whether outpatient or hospital. Everything must be informed fully and accurately.

The requested data includes company name, address care level – whether outpatient or hospital – type of care – hospital, emergency, outpatient, among others.

You must also provide information on the location of the link with the NHS, business license, facilities for assistance, number of rooms and services and evaluation according to the National Health Services program.

The full CNES has 15 records in total, to be filled by the person responsible. Courses on missing data should be left blank and crossed out diagonally.

The form that each health professional fills requests data such as full name, social security number, CBO, education and Class Council, in addition to optional courses, except for those who go by the SUS, to be met by all.

The establishment does not respond to CNES can lose the bond that allows service customers of health plans, affecting not only the institution, but also the doctors involved.

health insurance providers only perform payment professionals are providing services registered in the CNES. So it is always stated that the professional also monitors the process to avoid delays in payment transfers.

Despite the concern with the CNES to be extremely relevant and necessary, manage a practice goes far beyond documentation, numbers and bureaucracies: stay ahead of a project of this magnitude involves many other issues that can not be neglected, as the administrative, strategic and financial’s office.

You need to understand who is managing an enterprise that need strategic attention and therefore the marketing should be part of your business vision. In addition, the financial control office to be discharged so that you clearly understand the return that is having on investments it has made.

Handle all this alone is not easy, after all, you still have dozens of care a day to accomplish. This is where the technology: you can use it to automate most of the actions necessary for the proper management of office, financial control, digital marketing and relationship with the patient.

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