After all, is it worth having a health plan for babies?

After all, it is worth having a health plan for babies?

When a couple gets the news that the family will increase with the arrival of an heir, as well as great happiness also comes the burden of responsibility. At such times, it is common that become known to hire a health plan for babies.

However, it is also normal to have doubts about the viability and benefits of health insurance. If you wonder whether it is worth hiring a health plan for babies, continue reading this text!

The benefits of having a health plan for babies

Hiring a quality health plan brings several advantages for children and family as it ensures good medical care when needed.

But is it worth making that investment? The answer is yes. Even if, at first, appears to be another monthly expense for parents, who are already dealing with a number of expenses related to the child, this engagement brings economy and tranquility. Understand:

Economy with medical expenses

As immunity is not yet developed and the baby is adapting to the world, health expenditures are recurring, as a routine consultations, medical exams and vaccinations – not all are offered by SUS.

There may also be more complicated situations, the need for hospital, surgical procedures or more complex tests (and more expensive). With a good health plan, parents avoid large expenditures, reducing the cost of medical and hospital expenses of the child.

Tranquility of the parents regarding attendance

Another great benefit is the peace brought by hiring a good plan. Parents will know that, if necessary, will be supported to provide the care the baby needs.

Still, faced with emergencies or with the discovery of a health problem, have a plan brings the certainty that the treatments and procedures will be largely covered by the service provider.

Thus, this contract allows parents to have more peace of mind regarding their finances and especially the baby’s health.

How does the health plan for babies

The hiring of a health plan can be done in two ways, depending on whether the mother has or not a plan. Understand:

Hiring when the mother already has a health plan

When the mother already has a health plan during pregnancy , it covers the baby ‘s needs for up to 30 days after delivery, without need, should be provided to include the child as a dependent during this period by paying the corresponding fee.

In business plans, some rules can be differentiated, so inquire with the operator of the health plan and check the conditions of employment.

Anyway, it is important to know the current contract and analyze whether the requested coverage is sufficient for our needs after the baby’s arrival. If not, seek new proposals that are more appropriate.

Hiring when the mother does not have a health plan

If the mother does not have a medical insurance, it pays to start looking for different plans to find the most suitable to family needs. In such cases the expectant mother can hire it even during pregnancy and then include the child as a dependent.

You can also joining just after birth. The ideal is to check all hiring and lack of conditions to ensure the best deal for your family’s health.

How to choose the best health plan

Already made it clear that it pays to have a health care plan for babies and how this engagement, but how to make the best choice? We separated some tips to help. Check out:

Review the types of coverage

When hiring the plan is necessary to discover the types of coverage offered. Inquire about covered treatments and diseases, if the coverage is only outpatient or hospital also, beyond the territorial coverage.

For families who often travel, national coverage is important, but in other cases a simpler coverage may be sufficient, in addition to being cheaper.

Another point is to analyze the total coverage or co-participation. In the first case, the fees are usually more expensive, but there is no additional payment for the procedures or queries.

On the other hand, the co-participation offers cheaper monthly payments, with payment rates stipulated in the contract whenever it is necessary to use a service covered by the plan.

Check the grace period

Another key issue is the shortage . You should be informed about the deadlines for each procedure: consultations, tests, hospitalizations, surgeries etc.

If the mother had the child up and is included as a dependent in the 30-day period there will be no shortage. In other cases the lack depend on the provisions of each operator.

Ask for a detailed proposal and review the grace periods each – with special attention to procedures and deadlines, as in the same plane, the needs for different items may vary.

Thus, in order that by the end of this period the plan will not cover the consultations and procedures, the shortage should be considered when making this choice.

Rate accredited

There are several operators of health plans with different offers. One way to assess the best option is to learn about who are the accredited operator, it is they who ensure the care required by the plan.

Find out if the plan has professionals from different medical specialties and know who they are, clinics, hospitals and the laboratories.

Also analyze the structures offered by hospitals and clinics, to make sure that will be suitable to meet the child’s needs. So you’ll have more peace of mind about the quality of care to be provided.

Consider the cost-benefit

With all the data in hand, analyze the cost-effectiveness of the offers obtained to choose the one that is best suited to your budget and your family’s needs.

But remember that a lower cost is not always advantageous , just as the most expensive does not mean better quality. This analysis should be done carefully considering all the items mentioned above, to ensure the protection of your baby’s health.

And then, like this post? Now that you know the benefits of health insurance for babies, take the time to understand  the importance of the pediatrician for your child’s health !



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