Advantages and disadvantages of attending by health plan

Advantages and Disadvantages of attending by health plan

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It is not today that health professionals ask themselves whether it or not worth choose to answer through a health plan, either in a private practice or in a clinic. Doctors, dentists, psychologists and physiotherapists are always turns to decide which is the most advantageous method to ensure a good number of patients without losing profitability and sustainability.

After all, clinics and offices have as main objective to provide the best in health care for the population, but they are still businesses that need to ensure good financial results to stay working well longer.

The question is wide and fairly discussed and the final answer is that everything will depend on each person of the health plan itself and various other factors such as the city where it operates, as is the competition with other professionals and even if the doctor is known or not.

Anyway, we decided to help you make a decision that best suits your needs. And so, we have prepared a complete material that compares all the advantages and disadvantages to meet for a health plan.

So, it’ll be much easier to make a decision and rest assured with the results. See below.

Understanding the mission of a health plan

Before we begin to list the pros and cons about attending or not through a health plan, let us recall some of the history of these companies and what was the reason that led their development in the country.

It all started in the ABC Paulista, still in the mid-60s, when companies were booming began to seek ways to ensure a benefit to their employees that differentiate from the others, medical care.

For many years, there was no regulation at all, and businesses based on offering plans have been growing very fast pace in the country, more focused on the demand of themselves and of the population than by the will of the doctors.

Only in 1999, with the creation of ANS – National Agency of Supplemental Health, it is that it began to discuss quality standards and legislation that these companies should follow. The vast majority of health insurance companies was founded by doctors and health professionals, and the main goal was to bring the service more economical doctor for a greater number of people possible.

That is, since birth, the health plans in Brazil have as main objective to provide access to health care and the prevention of more practical form of disease, the most competitive price and most importantly, with a higher quality than which is practiced by the public health system.

The practicality is because the member does not need to look in different places for different areas of experts, since it has a centralized and organized care for a single company. The prices are more competitive, as instead of paying for treatment only when needed, the person who hires the health plan pays a monthly payment that fits in your pocket, and finally do not have to rely solely on the public system, unfortunately not able to serve the entire population with speed and quality.

We can therefore say that the focus has always been the cheapening of health care costs. Remember this concept is essential for you to understand how the whole system works and what is the relationship between operators, doctors and patients.

The following is the main advantages and disadvantages for health professionals to choose to attend also through health plans.

Advantages in meeting the health plan

Admittedly, there are certain bias within the medical universe with regard to calls by health insurance in Brazil. But it is important to remember that many professionals choose to meet health plan patients, including the most renowned professionals who have an always full schedule of commitments. This makes it clear that opt ​​for this type of care can represent many advantages.

For this reason we decided to also start with the good points and end any prejudice may have regarding this matter.

The main and indisputable advantage is to rely on the care through a health plan helps to increase the number of patients seen at the clinic much faster than would happen without it.

We can therefore say that this type of strategy is excellent for recent college graduates who have just started to meet and also for new clinics and offices.

But not only that. Meet through a health plan ensures always full agenda, which can guarantee an income even in months of low demand for particular cases, as for example on holiday. Meet the plan, so it helps to keep the clinic bills on time and always maintain profitability more evenly.

Another point that can not be overlooked is regarding the popularization of clinical or professional. After all, well-attended patients often indicate physicians to your friends and acquaintances that are not always served by the same health plan.

In addition, there is another way to see advantages in this type of operation. As the treatments and tests that must be made are not always covered by the plan, the clinic may be able to increase your earnings by offering everything in one place, especially if the call is made with superior quality.

Finally the advantages of even more current, it is important to remember that in times of crisis and economic difficulty, to patients who preferred private practice start to look for more economical ways to continue their treatment and will now look for professionals who care for your health plan.

Convinced? Before making your final decision, take a look at the disadvantages that choose to answer by a health plan can guarantee for you.

Disadvantages to meet the health plan

There is no news about the disadvantages of attending a health plan. Most of them revolve around the same financial issue.

The main drawback to meet the health plan and also the best known of them all is the low amount paid to doctors for care. For years medical advice and professionals come together to try to improve this transfer, but the truth is that little has been achieved in this regard.

Some health plans even offer virtually small change that can not even pay the fixed costs involved in each service and so before taking any decision you need to do the math and see if worth or not worth investing in this type of care.

Another issue is that many health professionals flee the service via health plan is the bureaucracy that surrounds each service. Some agreements requesting evidence for some treatments and in some cases, skills and payment is released days after the service has been performed.

You also need to take into account the operator itself and what its reach in the region where the business operates. After all, they multiply the companies offering health plans in Brazil, especially the business demanding more convenience for both sides.

However, some of these plans have few insured in some regions of the country, which ends up not bringing any benefit to the clinic or office.

Meet or not by the health plan? The secret is to research before deciding

Having the service via health plan can bring many benefits, but there are risks involved, mainly linked to the profitability of a clinic. So, before you choose to answer or not by this means we need to make a long and time-consuming research.

Talk to different health plans, compare the proposals and be sure to talk with colleagues and other partners who have already made their decision. The websites of the Regional Councils are also great places to ask questions about and still get questions, put everything on paper.

A good way to assess whether the financial issue is not a problem is to have the bills always up to date and to plan for the receipt of payment at least one month after treatment ever conducted. In this sense, good management of finance is even more important and rely on experienced professionals in this department is essential.

In many cases, cooperatives can be an excellent option, check the options available in your city.

The most important thing is to decide to serve patients via health plan, try to give the same service that makes available to private patients. So you will get through a good image of your clinic or office and will always have an increasing number of patients coming.

After all, the health plan may be the greatest ally to increase the popularity of professional and clinical as a whole.

Regardless of the path chosen is important that the health professional sees his office as an enterprise that need strategic attention. You have to invest some of your time to plan actions for dissemination of practice and increase the quality of care.

Invest in a good management can impact on results rather than the office offers you every month. So it is important to start thinking about investing in technology to centralize all office processes – administrative, financial and strategic – in one place: a management software and marketing for offices.

Did you know that there are  medical software  extremely effective that aid in office management and relationship with patients? And they even can help you on a strategic part and in the office of marketing? Imagine if, in your medical software , and manage your patients, you could also create and drive your own website and blog?

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