A Trendy Life: Why buy at PromoFarma.com?

A Trendy Life: Why buy at PromoFarma.com?

Any doubts about buying products online pharmacy ? It is completely safe, maintains quality and also is quick and convenient. Only we do not say, I Rebeca Labara account in his blog A trendy life .

Rebeca is specialized in Communication, Public Relations and Protocol. In 2009 he started with A Trendy Life . As she has the aim was to translate their passion for fashion, tastes and hobbies and lifestyle. 

Obsessions of A Trendy Life

Rebeca is defined as a  addict beauty.  “I always love to stay up to date products, news and try everything , ” he says in his blog. It recognizes that not sunbathing on the face and body uses a very high protection. But its beauty mantra is clean the face before going to sleep ” Never, never, never, ever, I go to bed without removing makeup” emphasizes the blogger. 
Curiosity about cosmetics began when Rebecca accompanied her mother to the pharmacy and was looking at the products on the shelves. Later, at a time when he lived in France he went from one pharmacy to another comparing products and prices. He was surprised at the price difference between the two. Back he saw that here was the same and so decided to buy products from online pharmacy. P roducts beauty, cosmetic or supplemental nutrition that we controlled and we know that we are well and do not need a prescription or pharmacist’s help” he says.

ATrendyLife_Comprar in PromoFarma

wide web with many deals and discounts on all products from leading brands, since it has a wide variety and range of them all beat” also insists that “the shopping experience on your site is easy and simple as it can filter by brands, product types or specific needs , which makes the buying process easy and nothing tedious unlike other similar websites” Labara points. 

What Rebeca Labara buy?

Rebeca in order Labara you can see products face and body care and food supplements to have an iron constitution .

A trendy Life Caudalie

  1. Oil Bio Oil ideal for marks and scars. The blogger points that are using it for a burn.
  2. Reducer Intensive NOCTURSLIM of E’lifexir, which acts as a reducing night “always accompanied by healthy lifestyle , ” he remarks.
  3. Somaline reducer 7 nights ultra intensive because “for those who have poor circulation like me, we note that deflates us.”
  4. Stick Anticelulítico to rebel areas Thimoucase because I wanted to try … Shortly we account!
  5. Caudalie VINE Activ . It is a dry oil that helps regenerate fatigued skin overnight. Apply a few drops at night before the cream and to wake up super luminous skin notes, as it is detoxified and the complexion is fresh.
  6. Facial sunscreen Heliocare factor 90 gel to protect summer version.
  7. Travel Kit Bioderma , its micellar water “is a classic”.
  8. Blisters Isdin flash effect to look good face instantly.
  9. Pearls of evening primrose oil and vitamin E Anamaria Justice contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative damage.
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