6 Care you should have with your body this summer

6 Care Should Have you with your body this summer

The long – awaited summer came, and came with everything, is not it? And because of that, on hot, sunny days, people rush to the beaches and the pools , so they can enjoy every moment of the most anticipated of the season. But even if the time is fun, there are precautions that need to be taken, see? After all, care is never too much. And in the summer, unfortunately, can appear some health problems related to station. However, these problems can be avoided if you take care of your body straight. With simple care, but that make all the difference, you know? So, so you do not have unwanted surprises this summer, we made a list of6 care you should have with the body this summer . Check out!


With days of intense heat , perspiration becomes something more frequently and consequently, the fluid loss is greater and faster. So it is always good to have a bottle of water within reach, because hydration is essential and indispensable. And if you prefer, you can take a juice or any other liquid. But the best and the most recommended are and always will be water and juices, natural preference. So be sure to moisturize. If you can drink about two liters of water a day is great. Your body will thank you.


With the arrival of summer, unfortunately the dreaded fungal infections have more chances to show up and ruin everything, especially you go to the beach or the pools public spread around. So beware the “folds”, especially between the toes and the groin to prevent chilblains, saw ?! And for those who suffer daily with excessive sweat, attention, because the tip is to use a towel to dry your feet or a specific talc shoes. And last but not least: Avoid walking barefoot in public sands! Since them all step and unfortunately you can transmit some diseases by contact of the feet with sand.


This is a real villain this season. Women hate. But to prevent this terrible and undesirable villain spoil the summer, be aware that there is a letter in the infallible sleeve against him: The moisturizer! Yes, moisturizing body can help a lot, he saw ?! So, use and abuse of body moisturizers, they will do a world of good to your skin. After all, no one deserves to get the dry and irritated skin, is not it? So always charge your moisturizer in the bag and after bathing use it enough. Your skin thanks!


Regardless if your skin is oily, dry or mixed: the heat, the pores dilate more easily, generating an aspect nothing desirable for the skin. So if you want to maintain beautiful skin in the summer (and who would not, right?), The ideal is to use soaps with assets that control the oiliness , such as sulfur, which is excellent for the skin. And besides, it is important to sanitize the whole body, especially in the chest area, back and face. Oh and detail never make cleaning more than three times a day, because there is the possibility to produce more sebum of the skin and hence become oily. And that you do not want, right?


Nothing else is nice in the summer to heat stroke . It can give fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and a number of other other symptoms. But that does not happen, there care very simple that can be taken, and if done properly, there is no possibility of heat stroke “get” you. So pay attention to the tips: Reapply the sunscreen of factor 30 to 60 (depending on skin type) at least every two hours. This, without forgetting that it is essential to try to stay out in the sun just before 10am and after 16h. And yet, be sure to wear sunglasses, hats or caps.


Summer comes and everyone wants to get a bronze , is not it? But most often, people spend limits and thus cause skin damage (reversible or not). However, there is the possibility to “take a healthy bronze”, you know? Taking into account that it is a somewhat slower process, of course, because the skin takes 48-72 hours to produce and release melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin. So no use trying to spend the day under the sun thinking it will get tanned (o) because it will not. This takes a little time. And get much in the sun will not speed up the process. So be patient, your skin will be tanned.

Did you see?
With simple actions your summer will be even better and healthier. Just have a little patience, taking the
care necessary and done, you will have a summer amazing. You can make the most of every moment. But before leaving toward the beach , the ideal is to rent a property season and ensure the comfort of all. Simply take a look at the portal TemporadaLivre and check out the various options for houses and apartments to rent for season . Worth it, he saw ?!

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