5 statistics on health marketing email that will convince you to implement it in the office

5 statistics on health que email marketing will convince you to implement it in the office

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digital marketing today is a very important part for better dissemination of their work, after all, a lot happens on the internet and many people are always connected. Thinking about it is hard to deny the importance of email marketing in health care, is not it?

A dissemination strategy through submissions informative emails to the inbox of your public and patients, e-mail marketing in health care can be a necessary strategy for your office become more visible, or even , retain patients who already make use of their work.

Maybe you do not really feel convinced by this, is not it? The use of email marketing in health care is a recent phenomenon, but has been more and more satisfying for all who use it, and to help you better understand this, we brought some statistics that may convince you of the genius behind and -mail marketing in health care!


1. Greater use of e-mail

Did you know that 92% of adults who use the Internet, make use of e-mails? And what of those 92%, 61% do it every day? (Pew Research)

It is impossible to deny the importance of this tool has for all of us today, then use it in support of its disclosure can only be a great idea, right?


2. Many readings

An important fact is how many people actually open their emails and read them, after all, no point just checking the inbox without much attention, is not it? And according to  HubSpot , 50% of email users read electronic mail they receive.

If half of the dough you receive yours, email marketing in the health area of ​​your office is already wonderful!


3. Motivation

But you know another important statistic? One that shows what makes a person open an e-mail. After all, just getting so much every day that something needs to be differential between read or not an e-mail, is not it? And according to Convince & Convert , 35% of recipients open an e-mail influenced by the subject of the correspondence.

Thinking of a good issue to put in your e-mail marketing in health care, you will have a good result, do not you think?


4. reach

You may wonder if, today, it would not be better to use other social networks instead of e-mail, after all, there are so many platforms like Facebook and Twitter that look great for spreading!

And well, they are the same, but according to CampaignMonitor , the email is 40 times more effective in customer acquisition. So invest in email marketing in health care does not seem the ideal?


5. Profits

There’re an important issue that we need to discuss! Did you know that email marketing is seen as the best form of investment, to bring more positive results financially? In the United States, according to ConstantContact , stipulate that if you invest an hour of your day taking care of your company’s marketing e-mail (or in our case, office), you can generate a return of up to $ 273! Already understand the advantages?

These are just some of the many statistics you can find out there to understand the importance of email marketing in health care, but I hope that this text has already made you think a little more about this practice. Use e-mail marketing may be what your office needs, so why not invest in it?

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