4 tricks to take care of your hair when it is weak

4 tricks to take care of your hair when it is weak

Autumn arrives and with it many people notice an increase in hair loss . You do not worry because it is well known that in September the hair falls more than during the rest of the year. It is a natural phenomenon known even been picked up in the saying: “In the time of eggplant, the woman drops her mane”. Today on the blog will discuss some tricks you should not miss if you want to keep your hair suffer more than necessary .

Why hair falls more in September?

There are two times when hair loss is more marked: spring and autumn . It is precisely for this reason that it is believed that the seasonal variation would be related to this symptom of capillary weakness . It is believed to be the mixture of various factors such as hormonal changes, the arrival of cold, hours of sleep or solar radiation which directly affect hair loss.

healthy and strong hair

Upon returning from vacation it is very important not to neglect our health to cope with the arrival of autumn force . To look perfect hair this fall, we recommend a healthy and balanced diet and follow these easy and convenient tips:

  1. Treat your hair with great care: avoid jerks when you comb your hair, use the hairdryer and iron in moderation and avoid discolor your hair dyes or abuse. Both excess heat, the strength of the brush as the use of chemicals can damage our hair from the root and have a direct impact on the volume and appearance of our hair. Use brushes with natural fibers and brush from the inside out instead from the top down.
  2. Moisturizes your hair with the most suitable products use mild shampoos and suitable for your hair type to care for your scalp and thus prevents infections that can cause further hair loss.
  3. Balanced diet and supplements: If you follow a balanced diet will be reflected in the health of your body and therefore of your hair. Some vitamins and minerals are useful for stimulating hair to grow healthy and prevent its fall. Foods rich in iron , proteins , biotin (vitamin B7 or vitamin H) , vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids are the most recommended for this purpose. There are even specific proteins that are added to shampoos to help strengthen hair fibers.
  4. Passes the test thinning of your hair : A home way of knowing if your hair is healthy or not take a lock of hair about 20 to 30 hair, holding it between thumb and forefinger and slide slowly but firmly . After the test if you stay more than 6 hairs in hand you should lay hands on the matter because maybe you have a hair loss problems you must deal with your doctor.

You see, from PromoFarma.com we offer from products for the hygiene of your hair up vitamins that you can incorporate as a supplement to your usual to try to strengthen your body diet. In case of no improvement, we recommend that you get in the hands of your doctor to diagnose the source of too damaged hair.



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