3 products that can help you take advantage of age

3 products That can help you take advantage of age

Dermofarmacia products can help us look healthy and better looking skin . Age, sun and hormonal factors take their toll on our skin, but we can take care of patience and attention to get its best. Eradicate all signs of age is not only unrealistic, it also goes against a charge acceptance over the years and maturity itself . But we can reinforce healthy habits, highlighting natural features with makeup and use daily care products to maximize their genuine beauty.  

Question: My mother has asked me to buy him a good face cream and would like your advice again. She is 80 years old and although not appears, has turned out the “bar code” on the top and pronounced wrinkles on the cheeks and chin lip. Flaccidity and also does not take it well. In addition, note the bulging belly (not passed before him). Any recommendations for a reasonable price? Thank you

When the signs of aging are very noticeable (marked wrinkles, nasolabial folds, sagging, hyperpigmentation, dully) need to be treated globally. Use facial products that act synergistically and whose assets are particularly powerful and fulfill two requirements:  antioxidants and skin restructuring.

  1. Caudalie Premier Cru Cream 50ml

    I admit, I use this brand quite often. But its value for money seems to me very interesting and user experience is good (only I have met with one exception: a case of intolerance, likely to resveratrol vine which is one of its main components) .

    Cream Premier Cru say themselves that it is “the crème de la crème” (cream creams). There must be a reason. It belongs to the highest – end brand and the price is in line with this, but when we face a very demanding skin is fully justified choice (the girl of radiant complexion that appears next to the product does not need it …).

    Highlighted its melting texture: leaves skin soft, supple skin and helps densify the structure. Effectively combat wrinkles, dullness , and stains. It is advisable to use day and night on face and neck. To further boost its profits can apply just before the elixir-SERUM line: Caudalie Premier Cru elixir 29ml . It is a highly nutritious dry oil, with only 3-4 drops before the cream will suffice. If we need extra care for specific areas such as the eye contour:  Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream 15ml . Worth take advantage of “packs” or chests brand launches from time to time. They include more than one product and the savings can be considerable.

  2. Martiderm® Proteoglicanos SPF15 + 30amp

    The proteoglycans Martiderm are a classic for mature and dry skin. High concentration of active ingredients in a small glass vials. The “orange box” added sunscreen formula and include pure vitamin C (5%). They treat and prevent wrinkles, sagging and combat photoageing. Moisturise, reaffirm and repair. Grace is in its short – term effect (flash effect) and long term (gradual reduction of wrinkles and firming action). I mention the date intensive version, which can serve for a shock treatment:  MARTIDERM® Black Diamond Skin Complex 10amp . Very sensitive skin or fat trend is not going to be left without treatment. In these cases it is better to opt for liposomes:  Martiderm® 30amp liposomes . They are used in the same way, after cleaning apply daily on face and neck with a gentle massage. When the product is absorbed, carefully remove the surplus and we can complete the routine with a daily cream. It can be used a single vial for 2 or 3 applications (what we will cover well so that it retains its properties).

  3. Integral Permealine 14 Sticks

    Nutricosmetics balanced diet must always go hand in hand. Over the years, it is especially important to take care of the digestive system. In particular, preserve the integrity of the intestinal microbiota resulting in having better digestion and more efficient absorption of nutrients. Abdominal swelling associated with these processes may be normalized with the input of prebiotic fibers such as inulin , which strengthen the growth of healthy bacteria. In this case I recommend a course of  Permealine Integral 14 Sticks . On one side, it contains these prebiotic fibers interest. Furthermore, the L-glutamine helps to maintain the normal structure of the intestinal wall; extract green tea provides antioxidant properties; and beta-carotene, vitamin A and zinc complete the formula (antioxidants and cofactors of normal metabolism). As always, if the problem is not solved by optimizing the usual diet or through the extra intake of dietary supplement should be consulted with the doctor. And, of course, will have to go to a health professional if pain or discomfort appears more intense.

We remain at your disposal to discuss further questions and advice. Happy start to the week!

Disclosure: The information in my articles and in private consultation responses is independent character. I make recommendations based on the technical information and professional judgment itself and not receive any incentive to highlight some products over others. I thank all readers who ask for the selection criteria applied and encourage you to continue sending your questions and comments.

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