3 errors (unforgivable) that you commit when using the concealer of dark circles


3 errors (unforgivable) That you commit When using the concealer of dark circles

It is the great ally of beauty : helps disguise the tired face, covering dark circles, pimples and redness . Corrector Blessed! But yes, it can work against you if you do not choose the right one or you use it incorrectly. You want to know what mistakes not to make you look and start an energetic, healthy and radiant face? Aim our advice and say goodbye to dark circles.

Watch your dark circles

Concealer is an essential cosmetic makeup that comes from luxury to hide minor imperfections on the face. It helps correct the differences in skin tone and camouflages those spots of the face. In the market there are different formats correctors, from sticks, creams, liquids, powders until mousses and different tones (beige, orange, purple, green, yellow …).

To get a good look we apply it correctly, because otherwise the results can be disastrous.

3 common mistakes when using the corrector

  1. Choosing an inappropriate tone. The tone corrector is critical because, if you choose wrong you will notice you’re wearing it . In this way no longer fulfill its goal it is to hide dark circles and look natural. To avoid this, you have to choose a color that closely matches your skin color or tone down, but never a shade darker than yours.
  2. After applying the base. This is a common misconception, you should take the following steps: first moisturizer, concealer and then finally the foundation. So we get the best results. What are you doing so backwards? Now you know!
  3. Using too much. Corrector function is to look as natural as possible and if we use lots of it , not make it. Everything in excess is bad and with eye concealer also happens. It is best to start with a small quantity and adding as you need to see more. In addition, another mistake we make is not difuminarlo enough, so you will notice that what we wear and there will be a nice look, therefore we must unify with the help of your fingers or a brush, giving hints on the part of the eyecup, and also we prevent them from being cracked.

Recommended products

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  • Corrects facial imperfections such as dark circles, freckles or redness
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Steps to apply (good) concealer

  1. Takes a small amount of product and apply with the finger or with a special brush at the bottom of the eyes, resulting in the tapping.
  2. Blend it well with gentle, circular motions. It is very important to blend the ends so that it is fully adapted to the skin tone to avoid unsightly cuts.
  3. Properly choose the color corrector , it should be the one closest to the natural color of your skin tone or a lighter shade. As a recommendation, it is preferable to use light correction for not cuarteen.
  4. Concealer should be adapted to the age of the skin . For more mature skin it is better to use lighter correctors to prevent expression lines are noticed and it is also advisable with sun protection factor to prevent smearing.

And now; You confesses, which of these errors cometías to use concealer?

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